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  • "Tightness" of fast playing notes


    When writing fast passages with Orchestal Strings (mostly violins) I encounter an issue -

    It happens especially when there are significant changes in velocity between the notes.

    Some notes will not play "tightly", on the 16th, but with a small delay which sometimes almost gives it a swing feeling.

    I attached an example, hope this is clear!

    By the way, humanize is dialed all the way down.

    Any way to make the notes play tighter? thank you!


  • Which articulation (patch) are you using?

    For fast legato passgaes I usually use the performance trill.  Fast Stacc I'll use per rep spicc or per rep stac.

    If I'm not mistaken the fast legato sometimes does what you describe.  Are you using the time offset feature?

  • Thanks for the reply. I'm using the perf rep spicc patch.

    I'm used to fast legatos sounding weird in VI's, but I'm not sure what the problem is here.



    After experimenting a little, I've found that the more round robins there are, the less "quantized" the notes will sound. I checked with solo violins as well, it doesn't happen there - only in the orchestral strings patches. 

    It happens on perf rep patches as well as in the normal stacc patches. Any ideas?


  • Try “staccato short” articulation, I love the tightness of this one.

  • One other solution, since the passage appears to be an arpeggio...

    Check out some of the paterns in the MIDI Sequencer of VI pro.  Often, there are switches between articulations that give it a more realistic feel.

    AND pay attention to the ends of the notes plus the space in between each note.  You can sometimes fiddle with the 'release' slider.

    Finally, you can affect the color of the sound (depending on what is really going on with the rest of the music) with the 'filter' slider.

  • Also, this passage could be difficult for an ensemble to pull off.

    Have you considered different inversions of the chord so you can make use of some open strings?  in G minor, you get two!