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  • UPDATE: 40 % on all Solo Strings and Vienna Suite / PRO

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    Hi everybody!

    Make sure you're not missing out on this great offer.

    Check out the new video by Guy Bacos and get a taste of what's possible with our Solo Violin 2 (with Hybrid Reverb Pro in the mix)!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    the prices on the product page of Solo Violin 2 and Solo Cello 2 are not discounted.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Are we heading towards a recent release of Synchron-Solo (or First Chair) Strings?

  • I wonder if this means Synchronized solos ahead...

    Dorico, Notion, Sibelius, StudioOne, Cubase, Staffpad VE Pro, Synchon, VI, Kontakt Win11 x64, 64GB RAM, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, August Forster 190
  • Hi bbelius,

    Thanks for the reporting - I just notified our marketing department and they will fix this as soon as possible!

    Best, Marnix

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    @fahl5 said:

    Are we heading towards a recent release of Synchron-Solo (or First Chair) Strings?

    Nice try. I don't think Paul will answer to this question but new Solo Strings would be awesome!

  • And thanks for posting the video. Always great to see Guy's work in action. 

  • I hope so much more, there will be an Update for Vienna Suite Pro with a Transient Designer and hopefully, !finaly! a dry-wet-button for the compressor. It is still the last compressor in the field without this feature ... hope dies last!

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    Guy just sent us another incredible piece, this time featuring Solo Cello 2 and the Synchron Concert D-274.

    VIDEO: Watch how Guy switches masterfully between artculations in "A Remarkable Concurrence", showing off the sample content of the Solo Cello 2.

    Again, the Solo Cello 2 was mixed with the Hybrid Reverb (Vienna Suite Pro).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I got mine ordered, downloaded and installed. Thank you so much for putting the strings on sale! Now, I have the solo strings (con sordino) that I lacked. 

    I am still have hopes for Baroque Strings.