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  • Synchron Steinway D 274 and MIR Pro Synchron Stage RP tested out

    Few hours before the introductory offer for the Synchron Steinway expires, so I thought to share here these videos as well!
    I recorded this italian piece of chamber music for piano and voice. Of course I used the Steinway D, and of course the voice is a real recording. 
    So that was the perfect chance to test out how this Piano (and the whole Synchron Series) blends with other audio sources, for example this "pretty-dry" soprano voice, thanks to the Synchron Stage room package for MIR Pro.

    I also tested out myself doing my first ever walkthrough. So here's both videos, I hope you may find them interesting!

    Synchron Steinway D 274 & MIR Pro - L'Alba Separa Dalla Luce L'Ombra

    Synchron Steinway D & MIR Pro Synchron Stage Roompack Walkthrough

  • If one word should be said about this, it would be: BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    Very interesting to see how you worked. And with that you show this, the outstanding qualities of the Steinway and MIR PRO are shown. I love the sound of the singer also, she sings beautifully and you plays also beautifully.
    But her standing in the the SYNCHRON HALL is also a feast for my ears, it is pure as a life recording. 
    This is something that promotes the Steinway and MIR PRO in a very nice way. Wow man! 
    I'm flabbergasted. Thank you for sharing.

  • Thank you for listening and for your enthusiasm about the performance, that makes me very happy :)

  • Hi Fabio,

    Simply gorgeous! That is a very beautiful use of voice and piano in a venue, and sounds simply amazing!

    I am mainly recording solo piano. 

    Do you think the MIR pro is useful in this situation, or is it mainly a benefit for recording when combining instruments?


  • Thank you! :)

    What Piano library do you use? Of course Synchron Pianos are not meant to be mixed in MIR, but it happend to me to use MIR to pan other piano libraries.
    I'd say MIR would be the perfect chance to start adding more instruments and experiment a bit, without the pain of mixing them to create a realistic room image with pannings, sends to reverb etc. :)

  • Hi Fabio,

    I am using the Synchron Steinway D.

    So I suppose I should experiment with the preset and different mic balances....

    I have not done much of this in the past and relied on presets a lot. I find it is quite headphone dependent too, eg with AKG 701 vs Beyerdynamic 770s there is much difference in sound, and am trying to figure out whether I should use multiple headphones to assess any preset?

  • I think to check results with a couple of different headphones is a good behaviour, but I think you should rely more on a particular headphone of yours. For my experience, the k701 is more balanced (no surprise, it's open-back). Anyway yes, keep experimenting to create your own presets. Don't forgdt to make EQ on mics. And if you have the full version don't underestimate the surrounds mics; also don't forget to enable the time-delays of every mic