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  • Synchron-Steinway Exploration 8) Isaac Albeniz: Navarra, Las Estaciones op.201

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    Another Student of Liszt is Isaac Albeniz


    Is published posthumus. Its large pianistic orchestrated melodies tend to be a kind of the pianistic equivalent to Puccinis orchestral Style in that time. A Piano(sampleset) which wants to convince with that kind of pianistic 'Verismo', must be able to sing.

    Las Estaciones op.201

    A seldom heard and played simple group of intimate characterpieces about the four seasons between late romantic and the early impressionism of the beginning 20th century.

  • Hi Fahl,

    The Navarra is a great piece, very well done! Never heard that piece before.

    Can you tell me which preset did you use with the VSL Steinway for that piece?


  • Steinway Exploration 3 L V Beethoven Rondo Bb Anh 6 Fantasy Op 77/279621

  • Hi Fahl,

    Thank you fo sharing the your preset on the other post. It is much appreciated!

    I will check it out.

    I usually have used factory presets in the past.

    I will have to go in and check out all the mics and adjusting their balance etc to see what I can come up with. I have not done this before so it will be interesting. 

    I will probably first need to get used the sound of the different mics, then somehow combine them to make a pleasing combination?