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  • Question about gain and volume set up for Steinway D

    Hi all,

    I am using a keyboard to send MIDI signals to (in my case) Ableton Live, to run the Steinway D. The sound from Abletone to my computer audio, where I am listening on headphones connected to my computer, when playing.

    I want to set it up so that when playing on the keyboard

    1. the volume sounds appropriate to your touch when playing, and

    2. the audio does not clip and is just under 0db or some may say better to be -3bd or more.

    So my questions are, to make sure I am doing this right, and to preserve quality of the audio signal: When setting up the instrument, there is a volume slider on the Synchron Pianos interface as well as the computer volume setting...

    Do I just arbritrarily set the computer audio level to some level (or should it be at a certain level), before I adjust the volume on Synchron Pianos?

    Thank you,