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  • Annoying clicking sound when playing the Steinway D?

    Hey guys,

    So I recently got the Steinway D, and have been (in general) having a blast playing it. HOWEVER, I have been experiencing an annoying issue that is really making it hard for me to fully appreciate it. After playing the piano for a few minutes, I start getting this wierd clicking sound. At first I thought it was just my speakers, but after trying it on headphones I found that it persisted. I also thought it could be RAM or the number of voices, but I had no other programs open, with 24 GB of RAM of available, and the problem was occuring even when there was only around 60 voices. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening? It's really making it hard for me to enjoy this piano, despite me really wanting to. :( Any help is appreciated!

  • I don't own this particular library but could it be key noise that your hearing?  Maybe post an example of what your hearing?

  • If you hear it after few minutes the library is not involved. Anyway many of us use it since several weeks without that problem. It sounds more like an overload symptom. You should detail your hardware.

    I put my Steinway on two M2, it’s night and day if I compare with my CFX on two Sata EVO 850. I can run up to 600 voices without troubles (with a poor I5...). I can’t with the CFX. The drive is critical for that kind of instrument.

    It could be also the OS and the way everything is setup for audio, including your sound card, your host and even the player.



    Gabriel Plalame