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  • VE Pro - Can I only show select plugins?

    My name is Jon, and I'm a plugin junkie. In Cubase, this is fine as I can organize my plugins and even search for individual plugins by name. But unfortunately VE pro shows everything in one giant list organized by vendor, and this really hurts my productivity when I want to quickly add my favorite EQ, compressor, distortion, etc.

    I really hope VSL will implement a user controlled organizational system, but in the mean time, are there any work arounds? I was thinking I could duplicate only my most used plugins into a new folder on my HD, and then direct VE pro to only scan that folder and not my normal components or VST folders, but on my Mac it seems I cannot direct a custom location for my plugins. 

    Anyone else also have this frustration? Find any solutions? (even if the answer is no, if you feel frustrated as well please reply so VSL know this is an issue that should be addressed. Thanks!)