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  • Yamaha CFX Demo: Tchaikovsky Piano Concert 1, op.23, Part 1, by Guy Bacos

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    Hello everybody!

    I hope you are all getting ready for an amazing weekend!

    The one and only Guy Bacos will inspire you with his great performance of this masterpiece, accompanied by an incredible rendition of the orchestra with VSL instruments only in the background.

    CONGRATS, Guy!!

    BTW: Tomorrow is Austrian National Day, so our team is lookoing forward to spending a long weekend with their friends and family! Hope you can do that as well!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Me and the wife where in Salzburg a few years ago for the National Day. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up and proud. Makes me wonder what we'd have in the UK for such a day, perhaps jeans, trainers and a beer stained tee-shirt....oh and a Daily Mirror hanging out of the back pocket!...just joking, have a good one.
  • Thanks Paul! :) 


    I really love the sound of this piano... it's actually the best in my collection.

    Nice work of Guy to expose the sound of it with a directly comparable score. Brave and effective.

  • Piano sounds great, as is the playing. Nice one Guy.