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  • Anton Webern: "Im Sommerwind - Idyl for large Orchestra" (with Synchron Strings + Percussion)

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    It is still "summer" here in old europe ๐ŸŒด ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    (After F.Bridges Symphonic Poem "Summer") here comes as my next step of my Synchron-Striings Exploration here comes one of the viennese early 20th century Masterworks programmed wiothg viennese Orchestral Samples:

    Anton Webern: Im Sommerwind- Idyl for large Orchestra,

    (Synchron Strings, Synchron Percussion, Solostrings, Dimension Brass, Cube-Woodwinds, Solostrings and the Sul-ponte tremolo from the Cube-Strings)

    Have fun with that incredible inspired and enthousiastic great late romantic music of the 21 year young Anton Webern.

    I dont know how far I was able to get it, but what I know is, that this is music that for its large variety of orchestral colours agility and steep kontrasts you will presumably never have any chance to realise any better with any other kind of orchestral samples. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Truly fantastic recording, very well done!  Did you run the woods and brass through MIR?


    Synchron Strings on the other hand have some strengths and weaknesses.  The sustains are nice sometimes, but it seems difficult to coax a true performance out of them.  You, however, show a real mastery of your tools.  This is great.

  • Thank You very much for your friendly comments

    Yes I the Winds and other VI-Libraries run through MIR, while you oibserved presumably with good reasons, that I should take a more diligent look on that aspect . As soon I find a moment I will spend some time on that question.

    I fear the uncompromising way to chose the most ambitious and most demanding orchestral music to explore Synchron is nearly the opposite of how "Demos" are made. I do not just look for some aspects which might sound in any way appealing as a Demo-Producer will usually do. I just want that our digital tools face the real demands which the most sophisticated orchestral scores provide.

    And my personal view on the results is obviously a bit more friendly and as I think more realistic: I just believe you will currently not find any other Librarys at all which will do that Job likewise or even in any better way. To be honest I would not bother myself to try it with any other since they are compared to my VSL-stuff simply in so many aspects far from being likewise ready to meet those demands.

    One might think VSL is still not yet "perfect"in every moment. More realistic to me seems to be to sum up VSL is even for that kind of projects simply and by far the best most musical, versatile and most efficient available tool at all.

    And since I always compare what I do with existing Orchestral recordings of the same music I assure you there are often enough situations, which makes me pretend that there is nearly nowhere any immaculate "original" Orchestra that there would not be in nearly each recording enough weak aspects of each certain interpretation and as much strength available to be realised with samples sometimes perhaps even better compared to traditional orchestral interpretations .

    However still enough to learn for me to refine more and more what I am trying to do. Therefor thank you again for your friendly and helpful response.

  • From what Ive heard so far this sounds very nice indeed!  

    I am not much familiar with Weberns music, just heard some of his atonal chamber pieces which were out of my league. And this is a much more tonal. What a beautiful piece and what a great command he had over orchestral writing!



  • Thank you agitato, for your friendly reaction.

    I think you can have similar experiences with Schรถnbergs early D-Major Stringquartet, Many compositions among Alban Bergs early Works written before his Pianosonata op.1.They were tremendous late romantic composers at the beginning. And I am glad that you like that music as I does