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  • A problem with VEP MIDI focus

    Hello all,

    I'm using VEP software for a few years now and never had any problems, until now. 
    My problem is, instances with MIDI activity keep raising what ever settings I choose. 
    As I was messing with "Activate window on MIDI activity focus" feature on my master and 2 slaves, I finally decided to go without it, BUT, the feature somehow stuck on my master and it keeps happening since. I keep trying to troubleshoot with choosing different GUI settings, as well as settings on the VEP plugin itself, but can't turn it off. I even tried uninstalling VEP, as well as deleting ALL VSL folders I could find (User folders), but it's still happening.
    As you can imagine, it's a quite a problem as I can't edit my other instruments while listening the playback cause instances keep switching.   
    I'm running latest 6.0.17011 VEP version, Cubase 9.5.3, Win 10.

  • Hello Milos, 

    I have already answered your mail to

    I suggested to erase the Vienna Ensemble PRO.ini file you find in YOUR_USERNAME / AppData / Roaming / VSL


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL