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  • SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings - does registered user pricing go away completely in August?

    Looking for clarification on this statement and what it means for users who own the original Chamber strings. At the bottom for the "registered user pricing" list it says the following

    ** Promotional Offer only available in July, 2018

    Does this mean that this registered user pricing complete dissapears at the end of the month? Or does this mean that this specific promotional offer is gone, but there will still be an upgrade path for those who own the original chamber strings + Synchron strings I? I must admit I'm not sold on the new player yet, nor the concept of Chamber strings Synchronized and need more time to make an informed decision. I must admit I'm gunshy on VSL since preorder of Synchron Strings I, but I'm willing to give VSL some room to hopefully address the issues with Synchron Strings I, as this will dictate if I spend any more money on this new line, so I really need to know if this user pricing indeed completely dissapears at the end of the month, or the price will just be higher. 

  • There's a box with all promotional and regular prices at the bottom of the product page. The upgrade path from Chamber Strings I to SYNCHRON-ized Chamber Strings will remain, but the upgrade price will go up from €145 to €195 on August 1st. The additional discount for registered users of Synchron Strings I is only available in July 2018, which means that the combination of both discounts is only available in July, too.

    Cheers, Martin