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  • Switching Between Instances

    I'm experiencing random difficulty switching between intances within VEP6. I am able to select some instances, but others cannot be highlighted. There are 14 instances loaded.

    I'm working with the latest VEP6 update on a MAC Pro, OS 10.12.

    Is this a glitch or is something locking certain instances?

    Thank you.

  • Just ran into the exact same issue here. I have my VSL synchron timpani in VE pro instance 1, and I use to be able to open it to make mix changes, turn on the "control me" button for the iOS app, etc, and now when I click on the name of the VE pro project to view it, nothing happens. Even if I try to "raise" from my DAW, that VE pro project will not open in VE pro. 

    It use to open fine, so I dont know what has happened. Seems to be a bug to me. Hopefully VSL can chime in as I really need to get it working again and want to avoid having to rebuild from scrach as I'm unsure of the mix changes I made in that individual project! I'm running VE pro 6.0.17011

  • Made a video where you can see whats happening on my end. Is this the same that is happening to you?

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    @JT3_Jon said:

    Made a video where you can see whats happening on my end. Is this the same that is happening to you?


    Yes, that's what's happening to me. I can't get into some instances of VEPRO to make adjustments. Others are fine.

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    @JT3_Jon said:

    Made a video where you can see whats happening on my end. Is this the same that is happening to you?

    It is a problem that you don't save your instances as well, but just your project. Sometimes I do get some weired issues of my MIR Pro stage locking up on me. Can't move the instruments around, rotate them, etc. I've noticed that it happens only on my very large projects running with lots of tabbed instances looking like your project. The way I ended up fixing it was to save each individual instance, then create a new project and load just that one instance that was giving me the problem. That instantly unfroze functionality. After that, when I reopened the large server project everything seemed to be functioning fine. I did a backup save of my original project under a different name, and so I did for each instance before I started reloading the problematic instance into itself. In fact to stay on the safe side, you should probably be working on a copy of everything! That worked for me on a couple of occasions and hasn't failed me so far. I do recommend you save not only the server project file, but each instance as well. Best, ZWaves

  • I hear where you are coming from ZWaves, and I will for sure take your advice of saving individual projects (not just the metaframes) to heart going forward. I do already save multiple backups of my metraframes as I work, but when I first got VE pro I was told by VSL themselves that I should do as much mixing in VE pro as possible as it had better multi-threading than most DAWS (which I later confirmed by my own tests - I can load many more mix plugins in VE pro vs Cubase for example). This unfortunately means when I’m in the heat of writing & mixing, I often make little tweaks here and there as needed (less reverb on the flute in the Woodwind server project, a different distortion on this synth in the “lead synth” project, channel levels in another project, compression settings, etc)  and when making these tweaks, the last thing (for me at least) I'll remember to do is save each individual project, as having to stop and save slows down the creative flow!  In fact, I often rely on the “do you want to save changes” at the end of the day, and have on autosave in VE pro just incase I get a rare crash while working. But these are only saving the metaframe, and if VE pro has a bug where you can no longer click and open specific server projects for some reason, and these un-openable projects are saved with the metaframe, then obviously I will have to starting all individual projects so I can load them as a workaround to this bug going forward, no matter now much extra time it will take at the end of the day to re-save all my projects w/ proper version numbers that correspond to my DAW project files. What a pain, but its better than potentially loosing my ability to work! 


    Whats odd is this isn’t even my largest VE pro project - I have much larger ones for songs I’m working on. (better knock on some wood, lol)

    I really hope VSL chime in. I’ve sent them an official support request when I replied to this thread on the 25th, and as of today I have yet to get a reply. VSL support is usually fantastic and often get back to me the same day, so this has me a bit concerned! 

  • Thanks ZWaves. I always save my instances separately.