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  • Cubase VEP6 64-bit Midi Instance Missing?


    I've just installed VEP6 and is re-vamping my template and integration with Cubase 8. This time I want to run everything as 64-bit inc. the Instrument Track. I've the server interface set to enable 10 MIDI Ports but when I add my Intrument Track I can only pick 1 MIDI in.

    If I use the Vienna Ensamble Pro Instrument track I get all 10 MIDI in. Must I use the Vienna Event Input x64 in some way? I run the Vienna Ensamble Pro Server 64-bit in the background on my master.

    This is what I am doing:

    1. Start VEP64 Server

    2. Start Cubase 8 and setup a empty project

    3. Create VEP6 instance (set MIR stage and add an Instrument to output 2/1)

    4. Add Instrument Track; Vienna Ensamble Pro x64

    5. Add Midi-track and set Midi Output... Here I can only pick 01. Vienna Ensamble Pro x64 - Midi In... and I've only 16 channels to pick from. (I am looking for 02. Vienna Ensamble Pro x64?)

    How can I route this to MIDI in 2, channel 1 with Vienna Ensamble Pro x64?


    Thanks, Best Regards

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem. I've found the following work-around:

    4. Add Instrument Track: Vienna Ensemble Pro (NOT the x64 version). Using this version, Cubase shows all 8 MIDI-Ports of the VEP6 Instance. If you then add MIDI-Tracks you can choose among all 8 MIDI-Ports. Even though the Instrument Track uses the 32-Bit Plugin it connects to the VEP64 instance without problems.

    Seems to be a bug in the x64 plugin (or in Cubase handling the plugin).

    I hope, this helps.

    Best regards

  • Hey Johnny,

    I am running VE Pro 6 Server in 64bit and am connecting to it on Cubase 9.5 Pro with 32 MIDI ports/16 MIDI channels each per instance and have it configured with 64 audio outputs per instance with no porblem. The key is to use Cubase's Instrument Rack with MIDI tracks connecting to each instance of VE Pro within Cubase.

    Don't use Instruments Tracks. Also don't forget to enable your additional audio outputs in the VST Instruments Panel (in the right zone or F11 key).

    Let me know how that works!