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  • Blending between Synchron Strings (SyS) and Synchron FX (SyFX)



    While awaiting the release of the new Synchron Player, I start to think how well the two libraries would blend together...

    Hope I am not jumping the gun too soon.


    While I was exploring more in depth the close mics within SyFX, I realized many of the articulations, e.g. spherical texture, chords, pizz, etc. are implemented with pre-sampled divisi parts within each instrument group, i.e. there are multiple parts within one sample. 


    For effects, the pre-sampled divisi makes a lot of sense as it adds complexity and movement to the sound. Yet, as Synchron Player / SyS currently does not support (auto-)divisi, I wonder how proper transitions can be made to bridge across SyS tutti and SyFX divisi.


    As the two libraries share the same recording venue, they should blend well acoustically/spatially, but if there is a contrast between tutti (SyS) and divisi (SyFX), workarounds seem to be necessary to avoid awkward transitions between the two. One solution I could think of is to "thin" the SyS tutti.


    Could someone share some tips on how to “thin” the sound of (SyS) strings to emulate the effect of “divisi”, e.g. via EQ settings and/or other effects on multiple tracks?


    I really appreciate if VSL/any forum member would shed light on the subject.