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  • Promo piece

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    Hi all, I wanted to share this track Im working on, its not yet complete, but I thought I might share the first 2 minutes. Im still working on this, particularly the middle third fanfare bit, and the appasionata strings, which for the life of me, I cant seem to get sounding right...

    Its Coming

  • Hi, nice work so far. Actually, I think the strings sound pretty good. 

  • They are masked pretty well by the themselves, they arent quite right. A friend of mine suggested using spicatto for the back half, which might be better, but I dont have spicatto yet, this is all with the special edition core 1-4 libraries...

  • Hi, Nice work.

  • Hi,

    The strings are not so bad, but the orchestration sounds a bit odd. You say the strings are a bit masked, but maybe this is due to the orchestral positioning? The piece has potential, but needs a closer look.

    Keep trying and listen critically, it'll bring you where you want to be!


  • I dont know what you mean by positioning... The only thing I have done is placed the panning to coincide with standard orchestra player positions. Brass percussion, bassoons and horns right of center, clarinets and flutes left of center. I have left the strings to cover the entire left to right sound stage.

    What I meant by masked is that the woodwinds hide the sound of the strings because the woodwinds are loud enough to hide the tail end of the strings.

    This is using algorithmic reverb with a 2.5 second tail, everything else default. This is all done with Cubase 9.5, VI special edition core, and Vienna Instruments Pro, using the free version of Ensemble as my mixer (this is where the panning is done).

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