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  • Pro Tools and VEPro

    I normally use Cubase with VEP. I have downloaded the trial version of Pro Tools but cannot get Pro Tools to see VEP. Is this a routing  / plug-in issue.

    Pro Tools does see Vienna Instruments.

    Any help appreciated.


  • Hello

    Strange, I use Protools and VEP6 since few months now very easily, my protools version is the last one 12 (full license)

    could be a problem with the trial version ?




  • Hi Kanon,

    Can it be that you have unchecked the AAX plug-in during the initial installation of VE Pro?

    Have you tried re-installing VE Pro?

    Best, Marnix

  • Thanks Marnix, you are correct I had unchecked the AAX plugin. Now sorted.

    Thank you for your help.