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  • Download on a different PC?

    Hi, I was wondering if is it possible to download libraries with a PC and install to another PC.

    In my case I have a very fast connection at work but not-so-fast at home, and it would be nice download there and install here... maybe uncheching "Auto-install" in download manager? And after, on installation PC?

  • Hi, 

    Yes, that's possible. You can uncheck "Auto-Install" (or simply don't install when prompted, then copy the files over to a HD and transfer it home. 

    At home, start the LIBRARY INSTALLER (for Synchron products: The Synchron Library Installer) and piint it to the file you find in each of your downloaded installation file folders). 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Thank you Paul, efficent as usual 👍