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  • Two Vienna/Steinberg Keys, cohabitation, warranty issues


    I just purchased a license for Dorico, and had to discover that it only allows a single license installation, either as a Soft or USB eLicenser. Therefore, I'm considering what to do to make this license cohexist with VSL licenses.

    Since I mainly use VSL libraries on my desktop Mac, and Dorico on both my desktop and notebook Mac, I'm thinking about this fist strategy:

    a) Keep VSL licenses on a key, Dorico license on a second key.

    This way, the VSL key will stay (more or less) safe in my studio, and Dorico's key move together with me.

    A second strategy, to continue working with macho orchestral libraries everywhere, is this:

    b) Keep VSL and Dorico licenses on a single key. In case it is lost, no problem with the Steinberg license, but you are broken with the VSL's.

    I would prefer the two-keys solution (a). Can two keys peacefully cohexist on a powered USB hub?

    Another question is this: I would like to I purchase a second Steinberg Key now, to make a single shipment. The first key will be used for Dorico, the second one will be the replacement VSL key to be used when my current VSL key ends the two-year warranty.

    Will the warranty for the new key start at the moment of purchase, or when I move my VSL licenses on it?

    Thank you for the help in solving this little headache!


  • Hi Paolo -

    I have been using multiple (three, simultaneous) e-licenser USB keys for Steinberg (Cubase) and VSL products for many years, with no issues whatsoever. I think that using a powered USB hub is a good plan if the keys are not plugged directly into the computer, just to avoid issues that can arise with non-powered USB hubs.. Hope this helps!



  • Craig, thank you very much! This indeed helps!