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  • Licensing Question from a Noob

    Hi All, I'm totally new  VI composing and don't own any VSL libraries YET, but doing my research, because these demos are off-the-chart amazing. My question is about the eLicenser thing I keep seeing and about people "losing it". Stupid question coming, because I know nothing: my DAW (Studio One) uses a simple account login and my other brand libraries use an iLok account, and all I do is log in. Usually a lost password is recoverable, so I don't quite get the "50% repurchase" stuff I saw. So I'm not actually sure what I might be getting into, almost don't know what question to ask. I saw a "Vienna Key" you have to pay for... that almost sound like a hardware thing. I guess the question is, you don't actually have to be tied to a plugin physical device, in 2018, to use VSL, do you? Good NIGHT, please tell me that's not the case. Hopefully I can use iLok or some other online licensing, but please let me know. Thanks...

  • Hi PaulieDC

    Yes, you really have to use a physical hardware dongle to protect the licenses.

    Not happy about this either, but it seems this is still the only way to protect VSL - for me it is worth the risk.