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    Vst Instruments Guis dont automaticly show up when i start VEPro6 via this normal?

  • Anyone????

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    Not normal.

    Would you like to supply some more information, like OS, versions and maybe even a screenshot?

    Best to use all the latest versions of our VSL Software.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I had this suddenly occur today: in VE Pro 6 Server 6.017011, Kontakt instances behave like they're not connected to DAW (Nuendo 8.2.1) when they certainly are.

    This is a show-stopper as is. I have uninstalled and re-installed VE Pro 6 and deleted old preferences.
    I have now deleted Kontakt, latest version also (5.8.1), and have reinstalled it.

    The behavior in Kontakt standalone is normal. As plugins in Nuendo, normal. Two different libraries behaved exactly as non-connected to DAW, Geosonics by SonicCouture and Peter Gregson Electric Cello by Spitfire. I've been using the former quite extensively and was about to assign more Host Automation but it does not respond.

    More tests. Kontakt completely will not connect via VE Pro. Very strange. Synchron Player works, Absynth works normally.

    OSX, 10.12.6. No changes to system, OS or software WHATSOEVER since it was working on Friday.


    EDIT 3: I appear to have fixed it, although I don't understand it. I found Kontakt working in an earlier project. Now my hypothesis was it was just this project. Numerous tests in Nuendo connecting to VE Pro. No change.  But based in an instance working in the last project, I inserted a new instance of Kontakt in the strangely behaving project, next to one of the two that still would not respond in any way; the new channel, same instance (not a duplication) of Kontakt responded normally. Then the original instantiation began working. Mind you I restarted the machine at every significant step, and nothing changed before this.