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  • Vienna Instruments or Vienna software?

    Hello, I am completely new to sample library orchestra.

    I have used Logic Pro X but I wanted to use VSL for the first time as a new sample library.

    Is there a reason for buying Vienna software on top of hefty sample library?

    Is VI superpackage enough to satisfy a sample library for Logic Pro X?

    Are Vienna softwares necessary to achieve the highest potential of music creation?

    Thanks so much

    I am happy to join you guys in this music journey together.

  • Welcome Gregorian, 

    Just some quick input from our perspective here in Vienna: 

    The Super Package is our biggest sample collection and comes with Vienna Ensemble and Vienna Instruments included (like all VI Collections).

    This is a great way to work with our products and to get to know the basics.

    You will like what VI PRO adds to the authenticity of those virtual instruments (more editing option PLUS the Humanize feature) and VE PRO will be helpful to keep your orchestral template available, while you switch to another cue. 

    Vienna Suite (with 100s of FX presets) and MIR PRO (authentic instrument placement on virtual stages)are of course also great additions, and the great part about this is that you can test all software products before you purchase them. 

    Hope that helps. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks so much Paul.

    Looking forward to utilize such amazing samples


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    You're welcome!

    I know it can be a bit overwhelming at the start... quite a few products to choose from 😊


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL