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  • Will the Sychron Strings I player support "lite" patches ?


    I'd like to know if Synchron Player will possibly load lower memory footprint string patches. I'm talking about Synchron Strings 1.


  • It is up to you which "cells" you enable. This is not that much different as it is already in VI.

    As far as I can see, the FX-Preset are by default loaded without having any Cell enabled. The RAM-Load depends consequently always on which Cells you need and enable.

  • The problem is not only RAM but also harddisk (i.e. SSD) space. The individual sectons come so far in monolithic (80GB) files. This means 300GB for the standard version of Strings I alone and correspondingly several TB for the forthcoming Synchron orchestra. This makes it is impossible to run this on a laptop (or, taking into account SSD prices, on anything else than a really high-end system). It would be great to be able to install individual microphone positions (e.g. only a stereo room downmix), which would significantly lower the disk footprint. I hope VSL considers making the installation a bit more configurable when they repackage everything for the Synchron Player ...

  • Hi Kai, 

    You can choose microphone positions both for downloading and installation, and you can move them as you like. 

    One of the reasons why the Room-Mix is so good to have. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Thanks Paul, that's very good news! By the way: the new functions of the Player sound awesome 😊