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  • Synchron-Player first enthousiasm!!! - are global mix of Microphonepositions possible?

    Thank You VSL for that great Player,

    This is exactly the way how to handle such vast varieties of Samples only VSL is able to provide (Please do not hesitate to bring the dimension-Libraries in Synchron-Playerfomat too)).

    And meanwhile I fear for my use (realisation of historic Scores) there will be not that much occasions to apply exactly this nice musical sandbox of orchestral Sound-Ideas (good Filmmusicians should have much more reason) but it is exactly the right toy to make a first joyful acquaintance with your great new Player. and its principles.

    Meanwhile the articulation-dimensions seem to me alread pretty intuitive to use (as I always said for long years it would be)

    (I  think I should spend some time to play around with "pizzicato-effects" in the different Microphoepositions and their mixes)

    There is still one question open:

    The first Synchron VE-Templates are conceived for VI. Will you provide VE-Projects with Synchron-Player.?

    What I liked in those clumsy VI-VE-Templates was the ability to group Microphone-Positions. While the Synchronplayer is great to controle all positions for a section/Track individually, It would still be great to tweak microphonepositions globally too.

    Will the Synchronplayer be able to allow VE to controle Microphonepositions globally, in a way that avoid as large clumsy templates as we had for Synchron in VI.

    Each Channel in the Synchron-Player Mix-tab (as in the Synchron-Pianos Mix-tab) could be lead to 9 different stereo-outputs:

    Would it be able to connect each of those different stereo-outputs to another VE-Bus to get the Microphone-positions globally mixable? (I am currently somehow to stupid to figure out how that  coud be done.)


    VE has a Vienna Instruments-Menu with for instance the option to enable and disable all cells. Why is there no compareable Menu fo the Synchronplayer, if this will be the platform for ( at least nearly) all new VSL Libraries to come?

  • Hi, 

    Glad you like it. Don't forget to enjoy :)

    We have a long list of features that will be implemented over time. Stability first.


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    @Paul said:

    We have a long list of features that will be implemented over time. Stability first.


    No one disputes "stability first" you are absolutly right to take the time in needs,

    Nevertheless I understand your answer that there is currently no possibility to rout the 9 possible stereo-outputs of a SY-Player Mixer-Channel for instance to 9 different Busses in VE-Pro. To me (non developper) it seems to be pretty little missing to allow Microphone-specific global mixing fo all Players. You just need to allow 9 Outputs of the Player inside VE as you already did it inside the SY Player Mixer.

    Am I wrong that itis even now possible to rout multitimbral plugins like Kontakt etc to multiple outputs? If so it cant be that hard to allow it the SY-Player "plugin" likewise. Or have I just missed something, and it is already possible?

    If not, however, to me that seem at least like a relative small step for a developper but a huge step for the VSL-using Mankind 😉.

    And yes I think you should and will sooner or later handle the SY-Player with all connections that VI actually has. (for instance the VI-Menu, VI Buttons, automation etc)

    @"enjoy" Yes Synchron FX-Strings are well done, and for my purposes something like a funny toy to play with and to explore the Players functionality. I would scarcly had any questions at all, if that would have been boring in any way 😃

  • Hi, 

    Should work like this, right?

    Create busses for your Mic positions and route the mics from Synchron Player accordingly. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
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    Ok just add another Aux-out for the Player for each Position. (Problem solved 😃)

    Just another question than: At first glance the possible Outputs inside the SY-Player-Mixer seem to be limited up to 9 Stereo-Outs. Is this jus t kind of a first default-setting which is changable if I perhaps would like to rout all channels in the SY-Player mixer seperatly or does there exist any technical limit in he SY-Playermixer, which do not allow more than 9 Outputs? (perhaps because that makes exacctly = 8 Positions + Rommmix? )

    Meanwhile seperate outputs for the sectionchannels in Synchron FX-Strings to rout them together with the same sections in the regular Synchron Strings might also be reasonable Setup.

    In short: are there more than 9 Stereo-outputs routable from inside the Sy-Player-Mixer?

  • Hi, 

    Glad I could help. 

    9 outputs are available right now (like for VI / VI PRO). Great for the 9 possibilities with FX Strings I: 

    1) Room-Mix
    2) Close Mics
    3) Mid-Mics
    4) Decca-Main
    5) Decca_Center
    7) Surround
    8) High Stereo
    9) High Surround

    And of course that will also fit the 9 available channels that come with Synchron Strings I. 

    For a more complex routing I'd suggest to open 2 instances of Synchron Player on the same MIDI Channel and establish mixer settings to your liking. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • To be honest the need for more Channels than 9 inside the Synchron-Player is currently more or less a theoretical matter, since a librariy like Synchron-FX-Strings is kind of an extension for special needs and of course not the fundament of the orchestral setup.

    I think the most important would be to allow a global mix for the different mikrophone positions comprising all sections. And therefor is 9 obviously enough.

    Another question about streamlining the workflow: 

    When I rout up to 9 outputs of each Synchron-Player my VE-Mixer aswell as the Plugin-List in the left sidebar becomes for each Playerinstance additional 9 channels. (great to have - but perhaps still a bit clumsy tio handle). I asume, I would programm their settings mostly while I setup the Template and the mix, but would like to hide them the most time during the programming of the music itself, to keep the UI focussed on the Players than.

    So is there any way to hide those additional outputs in the Mix and most important in the Left Side of VE, to keep only the Synchronplayer of each Track/Section/Soloist present ?

    This would be nice. Again presumably this might be already possible, I am just not that sure if one can chose it perhaps like an general option just for all the additional outputs which would make sens if they are that interesting really each single track/section/player-instance when working with Synchron-.Libraries and their Microphone-Positions.

    However it is the most important relief if we do not need anymore a seperate VI-instance for each Mikrophone-position of each Track/Section as it was in your vast VI-Synchron-Templates. - To make the addittional outputs in the UI general collapsible is compared to that kind of a last superficial improvement, however it still would be an improvement imho.