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  • Intersting Plugin for SIbelius : Graphical MIDI Tools !


    Just discovered this:


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    @bogdan said:


    Just discovered this:


    Nice!!! Thank you 😊

  • That is one great discovery! Have you given it a try yet? What is your first impression?

    Thanks so much for sharing, Bogdan! 


  • Hey Zwaves,

    You are very welcome,

    Not yet...still contemplating !

    If you want additional info, you might want to read this:

    All best,


  • This is the discovery of the year ...Thanks! I cant wait to try this out.

    I am wondering to hear from the experts here...(Beat, Andi and Goran)... 

    doesnt this add the real missing link between Sibelius and DAW? from what I understood the biggest issue with notation alone is the lack of ability to add smoother expression and velovity curves to the notation. (given the discrete nature of dynamics pp p mp mf ....) . Pretty much all KS and switch in articulations can be handled by Sibelius?


  • Just wanted to post a follow up since I purchased this tool.

    I will not recommend wasting 25 bucks on this.  The plugin works, sort of, but is extremely clumsy, buggy and hard to use. Its pretty much useless for me at this point. For example the hand tool for making expression profiles is very difficult to use with mouse clicks. 

    Moreover, Santiago Barx, who made this, will give you zero support. Yes that is exactly zero. You are on your own once you buy this piece of crap!

    I should rather focus on learning how to use a professional sequencer.



  • That is very could have been a great application !

  • That's part of the problem: It is no application, but a script with a lot of hacks and workarounds.
    I wrote some plugins myself and i must say it is impressive what the author did with the limitations of ManuScript (name of Sibelius scripting language).
    That said, you are ways more flexible and faster if you work with a good DAW: You even can write scores in Cubase (or other DAWs with this functionality). Or use the DAW functionalities in Dorico or Notion 6.

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
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