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  • Industrial rooms

    Dear VSL,

    If I can suggest you a place where to record the next MIR room, I would suggest some industrial places, like an abandoned factory or some old factory offices. While VSL libraries are mainly made for classical music, they can work very well to prototype more contemporary works. And sometimes, small ensembles or soloists are placed in 'futuristic' places for particular performances in modern (even if a bit extreme) productions.

    Considered how your logo is inspired to your fellow citizen Fritz Lang's sci-fi imaginary, and how Vienna is housing no few avant-garde theatre and performing art companies, maybe this could be in line with your production. Having a way to place soloists on a mezzanine or a scaffold in a big empty building, or a more modestly sized workshop, or some ageing office with old solid wood furniture, would allow for particular prototyping or radio-drama productions.

    This would also be great for external acoustic sources, like actor's voices or real soloists.


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    Dear Paolo,

    thanks for your suggestions! It's great to see that MIR is a source of inspiration for its users. 👍

    There are many ideas floating around for new MIR Venues, also quite unusual ones like the places you mentioned. We thought about forests and other open-air locations like medivial courts, streets etc., as well as more conventional rooms and - of course - orchestral halls. Right now the work force of VSL is completely focused on Synchron Strage-related products, but I have high hopes that we will find the possibility to give MIR Pro the attention it deserves in the not so distant future. 😊

    Thanks again, and kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz, that's great news! MIR is very useful even out of the VSL and orchestral simulation world. It will be nice to see how it will evolve!


  • Uh, and speaking of new orchestra halls: since you already went out of Austria with The Sage – I want the new Philharmonie in Paris! I want it! (And the nearby old, configurable one, the "Salle de concerts", too: I could attend to some concerts, there, and it is an unusual place with perfect and unusual acoustics) (And the nearby Amphitheatre is excellent for less classical genres, and has some interesting acoustic spaces in the access galleries).


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    Personally, I use MIR Pro almost as often for non-orchestral mixes as I use it in its classical context. Especially the studios are great for pop- and rock-drums and complete singer-songwriter setups.

    A nice example is an eclectic brass/electronics-bigband album I recorded and mixed about two years ago which I'm especially fond of:


    All instruments where placed inside MIR, which gave the beautiful, but completely dry performance its great coherence and "glue". 😊

    -> Making-of on Youtube

    (... I tried to find screenshots from the setups I used, but I couldn't locate them ATM, sry.)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I want to add the "Elbphilharmonie Hamburg" to the wishlist :)

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • I requested Elphi already. Should be listed ... hopefully.

  • This is great news indeed! We were just talking about MIR Pro today at my work and mentioned wouldn't it be fantastic if we could use this great engine for audio-post work as well! So I am looking forward to that not so distant future Dietz is talking about :) No matter what venue you guys decide to go with first, I know it's going to be awesome!


  • "Considered how your logo is inspired to your fellow citizen Fritz Lang's sci-fi imaginary, and how Vienna is housing no few avant-garde theatre and performing art companies, maybe this could be in line with your production. " = paolot

    I love that idea!  Some totally non-musical places would be so fantastic.  Altiverb had some things like that since it is used for SFX in film, but MIR would be way better. 

  • I would like to have various size football feilds (high school, college, pro stadiums,) and perhaps basketball gyms and stadiums in order to re-create marching bands and school bands, or rock band at a stadium. Would be Really Cool to be able to animate all of the Marching band movements into a reallistic Audio rendering. 😄