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  • Kontakt missing from VEP, but in correct VST Plugins folder

    I just installed VEP on a new Win10 PC, have added the VST Plugins folders (both the 32 and 64 bit versions) in the Preferences and every plugin is showing up correctly except Kontakt. The plugins are all installed in exactly the same directory but only Kontakt is missing, even though it is in there with everything else.

    Any idea what might be going on here? Why would only one plugin be ommitted?



  • Try opening Kontakt as stand alone and make sure its registered. If it is, rescan the plugins in VE pro (choose rescan all) and see if it then shows up. I remember having problems with Kontakt and doing the above and restarting the machine made it work. 

  • JT3 Jon, 

    Looks like you hit the nail on the head. Turns out that either VSL or one of my VIs had overwritten the Visual C++ redistributable and now Kontakt wasn't working. I should have thought of that! Reinstalled, and all working fine in VEP now.

    Thanks so much for helping to figure this out!