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  • VE Pro 6.0.27022 - Take 5-7 seconds before I can connect to empty server

    I just updated my VE pro today (for the ability to turn off "Enable midi for muted events" preference among other things) and an unfortunate side effect of this update is a lag/delay when trying to connect to the server from my DAW Cubase 8.5 on Mac OS 10.11.6. When I create a new VE pro instrument in my DAW (Cubase) and hit the "connect" button to connect to the VE Pro 64-bit server, the takes a good 5-7 seconds before I can see my localhost and create a new instance. Once I see <new> and/or unconnected VE pro servers in the list, creating or connecting is instantaneous, its getting to this list where the delay occurs. This happens on blank cubase projects with empty VE pro servers, as well as opening old projects that didn't exhibit this behavior before updating. 

    My pervious VE pro version 6.0.16068(64-bit) was instant when connecting to servers, so I dont understand why there is now a 5-7 second delay. The only thing that has changed are my VSL plugins (updated VE pro, VI Pro and Vienna Suite today to the latest versions). 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!