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  • Capriccio Cattivo

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    Hi everyone!

    My latest piece for clarinet and piano was inspired by several pieces in my duo, Acclarion's, repertoire: namely Gouvy's Rondo from his clarinet sonata (actually the first Romantic era clarinet sonata pre-dating Brahms') and Weber's Perpetuum Mobile. I hope you'll enjoy!

    Capriccio Cattivo by David Carovillano

    Please also check out my new website, with almost my entire catalog of works, both classical and production music all in one place. Everything is free to listen to, but if you enjoy a track, you can also purchase it to show support (or not!)



  • Hi David,

    A capriccio for sure, but cattivo? No way... The way it frolicks and jumps up and down, tiptoes in chromatic sequences is just marvellous and no cattivo at all.

    What a wonderful clarinet with such a great realism and with all the typical sonic properties or better pecularities of the instrument (with the slight tone bendings, the audible harmonics with higher velocities, the sharp  and soft reed attacks...) Too many subtleties to mention. The piano accompaniment is perfect: it supports the clarinet so well and never distracts, although sometimes it comes in quite distinctly.

    Great piece!


  • Thank you so much, Jos! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the piece and that you took the time to comment. You're the lifeblood of the VSL forum. Dave

  • That is a great piece!  I really like it.   I thought the last iteration of the main theme just near the end should have gone prestissimo to the end, really furiously - it seems to slow a little there but shouldn't.  But I have to ask - isn't that a real clarinet? Rebecca plays clarinet.  It sounded perfect.  Of course the very fact I am asking shows how great VSL has become.  Also your website looks very good!

  • Hi William,

    Thanks so much for listening and adding your thoughts!  I completely agree that the ending could have pushed feverishly through at a prestissimo tempo.  Definitely a viable interpretation.

    Becky's smiling about your clarinet comment.  I did write it for us to play live down the road, but this version is in fact with VSL's standard library clarinet.  It helps when you know the idiosyncrasies of the instrument and what it really would sound like doing certain runs/passages.  The clarinet though, takes more time than virtually any other instrument to sculpt...don't know why I don't write more for flute and bassoon, as I find they practically play themselves in comparison to the work needed with the clarinet.  Of course, it's all worth it in the end :)

    Thanks for checking out the site.  It was an ordeal to put together, but will make my future updates much easier now that I know what I'm doing.

    All the best with your current film scoring project!  Please share details when it's done, or at any point along the way.


  • Hi Dave (again),

    I had the same doubts about the clarinet being a real one or not. It actually means that the samples are very, very good, but also that you know the instrument equally well (with the help of Rebecca) and that you master the delicate choice of all the required articulations.

    That deserves an extra applause!


  • Thanks again, Jos! It's funny, because Becky's out in our studio right now trying the clarinet part herself for the first time. We always wonder if it's faster learning to play it ourselves, or doing a midi rendition and waiting to learn it when we have an opportunity to program it on a concert. Dave

  • That is amazing - this is one of the best demos of the VSL clarinet ever.  It should be on their site.  

    In my defense I should say I heard perfectly uniform releases on short notes and a tiny amount of phasing on velocity crossfades that made me wonder "is that the sample clarinet?"  but it was otherwise so good I couldn't tell.  Also, if I had Rebecca's performance and the VSL to A/B I would probably know immediately.  I guess.... I hope...  Anyway it is an awesome job of MIDI performance and an excellent composition.  

  • That means so much, coming from a VSL master such as yourself. As for making it a demo, while it might be nice, I won't expect to hear from VSL anytime soon...I'm sure they're quite busy getting the Synchron Player ready. Oh, just for future reference, I wouldn't post live performances without a disclaimer, like when I was asking for opinions on my string trio. But it certainly is nice knowing that samples could be mistaken for the real thing :) All the best, Dave

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