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  • What is the purpose of inverting the panning in Synchron player?


    What is the purpose of inverting the panning on different mics in the Synchron Piano Player?  I see this in some of the presets for the CFX (when panning is highlighted red).

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    Hello Stephen,

    I'm explaining this in short words in the Walkthrough Video, at 14 minutes (click the small "i" to see the chapters).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Ahh yes.  I guess I meant the purpose in terms of rendering a realistic recording and mix.

    So, when creating one's own presets, is there a clearly-heard conflicting perspective when the close mic panning inversion is NOT reversed in combination with the room mics in normal perspective, like in the concert settings?

    I'm assuming that most classical solo piano recordings are done from the perspective of the audience -- yes?

    What is the philosophy behind these decisions?

  • Hello Stephen, 

    You can mix the mics any way you like, we stuck to the "classical" idea. 

    I'm sorry if I am stating the obvious here, but in my eyes, the philosophy behind recording a pianist from the audience perspective is rather simple: Most people are used to that sound, as they do not play piano... and when you are listening to (acoustically player) music, you are usually doing that from the listener's perspective.  

    Not sure what else to say... maybe didn't get your question right. 


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Excellent - thank you!