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  • VE PRO 6 + Internet together

    Hi all,

    Simple question / problem for all you running VE PRO networks out there.

    I have 2 macs (Mac Pro & Mac Mini) in my system running VE Pro 6 connected through ethernet. The mini is the slave. System works great and have no problems with general use.

    There's an ipad sitting around in my studio and I want to use it to remote control Vienna Instruments on my slave. For that my slave needs to be connected to the internet.

    My main computer needs internet also.

    My only option for internet connection is wifi for both through the same router.

    Is there any way to configure a system in this way, with both master and slave forcing connection together through ethernet but each using wifi for internet use?

    Many thanks


    Yes, this is how it is setup for me. You can make the selection in the VEP plugin, where you would see both the IP of the wifi router and the ethernet address. Just pick the ethernet address and you're good.

    (btw, I'm just starting to use an ipad as well. I'm gonna use Lemur for the master to control articulations though, how are you planning to use it?)