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  • Channel assignment in edit page

    I am literally baffled by the channel assignment options. I’m working in Cubase 9.5 Pro Steps. Create a 5.1 surround bus in Cubase Load the surround version of CFX (ambience version) Assign the Cubase 5.1 surround channel to the new CFX surround track Play. Now I look at the channel assignment in the edit page and realize that I can only assign the whole surround piano to another complete surround bus??? I can’t assign the microphones to any SPECIFIC channel a within the surround bus Also, the channels in the surround preset “ambience surround” are just duplicated in the other channels. 1-2 have the EXACT same output as 3-4? By the way, in the “ambience surround” preset the Main-C fader shows a signal but produces no sound in any channel. I honestly have no idea what the channel assignment section in the edit page does. Who creates 9 separate 5.1 surround busses? You generally create (1) surround bus and work within that bus. What an I missing? In order to create a TRUE surround piano with the CFX I have to create 5 different instances of the plugin and assign different mic set ups to specific channels. This is what the MIXER is supposed to do!!! The sound of the piano is by far the best I’ve heard but unless you manually load tons of instances of the plug in and manually route everything you have NO control over ANY of the channels. Is this piano supposed to be used inside of Vienna Ensemble 6 only and is that why the surround can’t be sent to the speakers of your choice. Thanks for help understanding this. W

  • Hi arapahoe, 

    You left us a little confused here... 

    The straight-forward method here is to create a surround environment, then insert Synchron Pianos as a surround plug-in and then assign the output to your surround Output. 

    => You will have a setup similar to the setup in the attached screenshot. 

    => The integrated Power-Pan will help to position the sound. You will see the activated speakers for each channel, and you can adjust the Center volume in the lower left of each Power Pan window (we sometimes used a phantom center in the mixes). 

    Hope that helps. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for the help!  I don't see a screen shot?  I'm on a mac using safari.  

    do you see a screen shot?

  • Hi, 

    Seems like the screenshot didn't make it through the last time. Works now. Sorry!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL