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  • Lost eLicenser issues keeping me from purchasing VSL

    I am looking forward to purchasing VSL in the near future but the many threads I have read regarding the current policy with eLicensers scares me to death. So, if a dongle is lost, the user has to pay a 50% license restoration fee on all of the libraries bought? If a user buys $2,000 worth of libraries, that user will have to pay $1,000 just to use them again? That is a HUGE impediment to buying the software. This is 2018, after all. There has to be a better way to ensure security.

    I appreciate VSL wanting to protect their product but isn't that quite a harsh policy? Am I misunderstanding the lost dongle policy? I already own a Steinberg eLicenser that I bought for Dorico but have not used it since I run Dorico on one machine only. If I use this dongle and purchase a Viena Key as a safety net, is that enough protection in case of a lost or broken dongle? This whole procedure seems like a time warp into the 1990s.

    Any enlightenment will be appreciated as I do want to get involved with VSL.



  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for your post, and for taking the time to address your concerns here.
    We do understand your situation, and we are working on a better solution.
    As soon as such a solution is available, we will inform you.

    By the way, there's an important difference between a lost key and a broken key. If you key is broken, it's still physically available. In this case you can send the broken key to us for verification, and if the 2-year warranty of the ViennaKey applies and the key hasn't been physically damaged, you get replacement licenses free of charge, along with a free ViennaKey replacement.


  • Thank you for the reply, Stefan.

    I already own a Steinberg eLicenser that I bought for use with multiple instances of Dorico. As it turns out, I have never used the dongle because I only run Dorico on one machine and the software eLicenser works with that. 

    Can I use the eLicenser I already have? Or do I need to wait for the VSL eLicenser to enable the 2-year key warranty period?


  • Hi Jonathan,

    you can use the eLicenser from Dorico; it is the same eLicenser (the same for Cubase etc; eLicenser belongs to Steinberg).
    The warrenty of the Key is 2 years from the day you bought it (in your case the day you purchased Dorico).

    Best, Ben

    Ben@VSL | IT & Product Specialist
  • Thanks, Ben (and everyone else).

    I will be purchasing VSL Special Edition 1 shortly.



  • ... and if I have a broken key that is out of warranty, I send it in and what do i pay? Just the cost of a replacement key? Or more?



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