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  • Yamaha CFX: Walkthrough Video available

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    Hello everybody, 

    Hope you like the new Walkthrough Video available on the Yamaha CFX product page

    Check out the chapter feature to find the parts you are interested in:

    • click the small "i" to the left of the title for the embedded view
    • and the chapters available to the left of the video in Full HD view

    => see attached screenshots


    We are really happy about the great feedback and input from all of you out there. THANKS 😊

    Have a great weekend!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thank you, Paul, for this great walkthrough. What you didn't tell but let us hear, is the very subtle expression one can give in the toucher. The demonstration of that most of all convinced me of the beauty of this piano. In my home the sound of the Yamaha CFX will be heared very soon!

  • Thanks for the excellent walkthrough! Well done, Paul!!

    The walkthrough is very informative, and the presets finally make a lot of sense because you played genres appropriate to each preset (vs. switching presets through the same MIDI file). The "full" library really adds color options to the mix.