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  • CFX Final Polish

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    I've been enjoying giving this a test drive, and it's a very nice instrument that can sound very beautiful.  I like the CFX as an acoustic instrument anyway, and this captures it very well.  Excellent clean samples.

    It's still early days for this and I know a few minor issuse are being ironed out at the moment.  Can I draw your attention to one general issue which you might want to look at to give the instrument that final polish that will really make it shine?

    It's the issue of matching tonal characteristics and spatial characteristics across the keyboard in a seamless manner.  At the moment there are a few notes which pop out in a rather distracting manner when playing, and this doesn't need to be the case.  They pop out either because their tonal characteristics are notable different from surrounding tones, or because their spatial positioning is different from the surrounding tones.

    There are a few of these; some examples from the Close 1 mic, where they are particularly prominent, are:-

    1. Tonal: B4.  Play a scale from a few notes below and above including this with just the Close 1 mic, and you'll hear how different this is to A4 and C4; while the surrounding notes are quite similar to each other.

    2. Spatial:  C5 is the most egregious example - if you play a surrounding scale you'll hear the rest of the notes as relatively centred but this one pops out as being across to the left somewhat.  Some lower tones (G2,G#2,A3) are also quite prominent in this regard.

    I'm sure these can be easily fixed and would make the ,playing experience that bit more enyoyable.  Once the more pressing issues have been addressed, it might be worth having a close listen across all the tones and mics and ironing out other similar examples, just to give it that final polish. 😊