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  • 2nd Movement, 10th Symphony

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    This is my 37th symphonic movement for the virtual orchestra, using the VSL Orchestral Cube.

    (the second movement should begin softly)


  • That is a really interesting, complex composition and a lot of the performance sounds just about perfect!  

  • Hi Jerry,

    Once again fantastic music in your own typical language. With great interest I've followed the score (which was sometimes hard with the high speed), but it is a very clean and clear orchestration with so many interesting harmonies and rhythmic finesses, spot on accents and dynamic flow. I really love the piece.
    The virtual performance is flawless and very transparent. Every single detail in the orchestral sound is so distinct. You've made my day!

    Thanks for sharing this movement.


  • Thank you William and Jos for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the music! Jerry

  • P. S. This movement is based on a 12-tone matrix; themes, motives and sets are based on the rows, but the harmony is decidedly not!

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