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  • Headphones shopping.

    After about 20 years with my SONY MDR-7506 I am on the market for headphones costing ~€130. I realize that this price won't get me the ideal sound, but that is what I am going to spend since I do have actual monitors in the studio. Be that as it may, I have found that I do 90% of my work (even mixing) with  headphones.

    Since out of ~100 reviews of several headphones that I went through, only one mentioned orchestral music (many more mentioned EDM quality through iPhone...), if anyone here has any ideas I'd love to have them (and in as much detail as you fancy).

    Looking more warmly at the moment at the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 X, while some Sennheisers and AKG also look interesting.

    Thanks in advance for any input.                                        

  • No one makes a suggestion for that pricerange ... well ... ... let me make a great suggestion for a little increase. I use this one (Link below) which is well known for orchestral mixing. I bought it for a much higher price ... more that 300 € ... for today’s price it’s a nobrainer! Greetings, Lars

  • Thank you for your valuable input Lars, since the pair is discounted heavily I might just opt for it. I'll wait a little more just in case someone else has another suggestion.

  • I've recently purchased the AKG K-702, and while it is a bit soon to say how they are, I can say that I like them.and find them very transparent. I can't say how they translate, but they are comfortable to wear, and appear very detailed. I don't know how they compare to the above mentioned 712. Paolo

  • I have to make my mind up within a week, so thank you for chiming in Paolo. I'm chasing information on that pair as well, they are also discounted from a higher price. Like I said, I can't find a decent amount of headphone reviews on orchestral music studio work, unless I just don't know where to look...