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  • Turning on looping in sequencer mutes audio

    Hi, I have been having an issue with the sequencer in Vienna Instruments Pro that I can't figure out. If I load a simple patch (say a legato violin), I can draw in some notes, and when I trigger the sequence by pressing a key on the keyboard, it will play that sequence that I drew. But if I try to loop it by clicking the loop button in the sequencer, no audio plays anymore. 

    Also, I've tried some of the other Matrixes that have pre-programmed sequences (like the arpeggios within an instrument), and either none of those sounds will play, or on a few patches, I can hear one or two of the notes briefly ring out, and then silence until the next time those same notes come around again in the loop. Any ideas for me on what might be happening?

  • Did this ever get solved? I'm having a similar issue. Thanks!