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  • Solo Strings


    I have a copy of Solo Strings I and II.  Silly question maybe but in my patch list in Vienna Instruments under Violin Solo there is a Violin 2 and a Violin 2 mu.  This does not appear under the Sample Content on the Vienna Website and I haven't purchased the separate solo violin played by Dimitrie J. Leivici.

    Does anyone else have this? 


  • The violin 2 you are seeing within your presets is taken from the violin 1 samples.  They simply made adjustments to them and provided them in a friendly way to help give you a violin 2 that won't phase with violin 1.

    The other true solo violin 2 instrument which is purchased separately is actually a new violin recording.

    Hope that helps.

  • Ok, thanks very much for the info!

  • If I'm not wrong, there are no matrices supplied for second violins. I created my owns, by starting from the matrices for the first violins, and replacing the patches created by VSL for the second ones.