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  • Kontakt GUI slowing with more instances in VEPro

    Hi - 

    Does anyone know how to fix this, please...?

    As I add more VEPro instances/tabs with 2 instances of Kontakt in each one, the MIDI channel dropdown gets progressively slower. With 19 VEPro instances and 2 Kontakt instances in each, selecting any Kontakt instrument MIDI channel dropdown takes up to 3 seconds for the channel numbers to appear.

    I've tried:

    + Increasing the default threrad count per instance in VEPro

    + Turning on and off the fast GUI switching VEPro setting

    + Turning off and on the HiDPI checkbox in VEPro settings

    + Removing MIR from the eLicenser so it doesn't load it with VEPro startup

    + Decreasing the default thread count to 1 and turning on 8 cores in Kontakt settings instead

    + Turning off all unnecessary Windows services and features

    + Changing performance to prefer Background Service instead of Programs, and vice versa

    + Turning off Superfetch

    + Disabling Turbo Boost

    + Disabling the Paging File

    None of these made any difference

    CPU is no more than 22% utilised. I have more than 100GB of RAM still free, all drives are SSDs. Audio works fine, it's just the GUI dropdowns are becoming crazily slow.

    It's as if Kontakt is sharing a single resource across all instances and not load-balancing it across cores, or there is some weird bottleneck somewhere that is not being managed appropriately????

    Any ideas?

    VEPro Machine: Win 10 Pro, Xeon 4 core, 256GB, SSDs, Quadra K620 GPU.