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  • Dynamic Issues


    I use Special Edition Vol. 1 PLUS. I have a difficult time with dynamics and getting the brass to actually get brisker arpeggiated lines audible. With dynamics, the instrument will have a velocity of 108 (forte in my opinion) and if you just raise it up to 109 it gets WAY louder (fortissimo). With brisker arpeggiated brass lines, I find quicker lines to be an issue with EVERYTHING I try to compose and the lines don't even need to be that fast to not sound. For example, I had a triplet d minor horn arpeggio with the quarter note equaling 140 starting on D3 (D2 in VSL). It eventually rises to it's peak at D4. The velocity is at 127 throughout and I tried EVERY articulation... nada. I should probably explain the structure of the arpeggio: it starts D3-A2-F2, leaps an octave to the next arpeggio F3-D3-A2 and so on till it reaches the final arpeggio starting on D4. If you can help me out with this I'd greatly appreciate your it.

    Thank you!

     - Alex

  • I'm not completely sure I understand your problem but do you have the Velocity X fade turned off or on?  In other words, are you using the keyboard velocity or the fader in the Vienna Player?

    Try bumping up the Expression fader?

  • I am using the Velocity X-Fade (CC2 or Breath) and it's turned on. Expression (CC11. Only mentioning that it's CC11 so you know I'm aware of what it does) in the situation I first posted concerning faster lines isn't going to get my anywhere since CC11 is automatically set to 127 even if you don't have it showing in your lane. The brass lines still won't sound. I only use CC11 to get the sound quieter than what CC2 is capable of. For example, if CC2 is at zero (sounding at it's quietest level) I introduce CC11 into my lane and set it to a level lower than 127 to reduce the sound. It doesn't change the timbre, but definitely useful for situations just mentioned. But what I really want to know is why slightly quicker brass lines won't sound even if CC2 and CC11 are both at 127.


     - Alex