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  • CPU running away with VEP6 after some time

    If I have a project open for several hours then at some point my CPU hit is heavy.

    I'm running a 12 core Mac and it's likely to be over 50% CPU of the whole core bunch, with VEP instances variously saying 99% or maybe much less (I'm typically running 12 instance tabs and VEP is on the same machine as DAW - all show wildly different CPU percentages).

    All I have to do to rectify this is close my VEPro project and reopen. That might not sound like a big deal but as is touched on elsewhere it's linked to the DAW project  - so the most sensible option is to first close cubase (during which time the CPU stays high of course) and then VEP (CPU drops like a stone)

    Then re-open VEP server and finally my cubase project again. An opportunity for a cup of tea of course. 10 minutes at least.

    Of course I can live with this, but I did rather wonder what the real problem was here. In opening up the exact project that was hitting the CPU (and fan speed and consequent hit on audio resources etc..) it runs quite happily at less than 10%.    .... until the next time.

    What I have not ascertained yet is if the CPU gradually increases or it it suddenly happens at a moment. I'll try and gauge that too and post here if no obvious answers are forthcoming.

  • It happens to me regularly too, with Cubase too (7.5 or 9.5). I noticed at least one time that the CPU increased suddenly. When the CPU meter of VE PRO 5/6 was still working, it showed me 100%.

    It's true that's not important, but several annoyances (VE PRO, Cubase, Windows...) make a big one...