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  • Execute Vienna Imperial with a specific Preset


    I would like to use Vienna Imperial with a pc without screen.

    I have made a batch command file to load the Vienna Imperial software after the windows PC boot .

    2 things : How to load a bank and a specific personnal Preset automatically...

    by exemple Vienna Imperial Standalone x64.exe with after a specific attribut (like by exemple a Bank's name).

    I can do this with Vienna Imperial in a DAW (like ableton Live) but i prefer to use only the Vienna Imperial software.

    Thanks for your help

    Best Regards


  • I have the same question: is it possible to start Vienna Imperial standalone with user preset loaded automatically?
    Can somebody advise?

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    I just checked, and there is no "startup" preset functionality in the Vienna Imperial (like there is in VI / VI Pro).

    Let's see what can be done about this, I think that's a pretty good idea!


    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul,
    The best option would be to pass desired preset as parameter IMO.
    Not sure how hard it is to implement, but considering that this is possible for VST plugin, may be some 'pass through for parameters' functionality could be implemented for standalone as well?