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  • Synchron Percussion I: Taiko Bonus


    I would like to know if I purchase the Synchron Percussion I now, do I still get the bonus Taiko set?


  • I‘d never ask a question like this In the official community(, when u know what I mean)

  • Why? Are you serious Mr. Hellfire? ;) In general: What ever you want to buy ... where ever you gonna buy ... a private backstage-deal is always better than an official deal everybody can watch. In this case the offer for the Taiko was limited. The risk to receive a „no“ is quite high here in the community. I would not risk anything and write to „a person of trust“. (No I am not telling you who exact I mean;) Edit: I have the Taiko 😎 he, he, he ...

  • Haha, thanks for the tips LAJ, but maybe I want to get a "no" so I can save my wallet. :p

  • I thought it was a pretty straight forward question.

    I guess you're referring to getting in touch with a developer to bargain or ask for something extra. I must admit that I would have never thought of doing something like that, but apparently, some people write to devs and ask for irregular discounts or bonuses if they buy a product and stuff like that. And from what I've heard, companies will sometimes accomodate.

  • Thanks for chiming in, Jimmy.

    Yes, I'd rather to have it if it's the same deal for everyone.

  • A developer? No away ... Your person of trust could be someone at VSL or someone at bestservive or ILIO ........ In my case I received the Taikos in the regular time ... but just the Std. package. In January this year I updated to Superpackage (again) just to get the extended Synchron Percussions and I was not sure if the Extended Taikos were automatically included. So I contacted someone, and it was fine. To finish the topic from my side, here a little Sales-theory: Imagine ... If Paul would chime in here and says, „no problem you get the Taikos“ ... a) someone else who bought the product in the regular time could complain ... „eerrrr, and why did I have to buy it in the regular time to receive the taikos?“ ... or ... b) someone else says: „Ah ... he get‘s the taikos now ... so Paul why do I not get the Synchron MIR Package for free ... there was a Limited offer for early SP 1 customers too. So can I have the MIR pack for free?“... and ... and ... and ... I think you get the idea ... this could ruin the whole special-offer-concept finaly. (From my point of view) So „maybe“ if you write to Mr. X and he has a good day ... you will get the Taikos ... or maybe not. But you won‘t find out if you do not try.

  • I understand what you're saying @LAJ. I think you and I read the question differently. I was assuming that mobileavatar was simply asking if the bonus aikos are still part of the full Synchron Percussion purchase, since they were during the introductory offer -  not that he was specifically asking to get them if he purchases the library now.

  • Ups ... could be. But if I was mobileavatar I would ask specifically ;)The Taiko is such a BIG-BOOMer ...

  • This is a bit off topic but since it was mentioned earlier.

    I don't think VSL is the type of company that cuts special favors to anybody, except maybe Guy Bacos who provides a service for them.  And that would be OK with me since, again, he provides a service to them.

    But if I were to loose my Vienna key I don't think they're going to cut me a break by me saying, "hey ya know I've got over a thousand posts on your forum so I've helped many of your customers with their problems for free so I get a special favor right?"

    The idea of developers cutting specail favors and deals to individuals is a slippery slope.  But then again, whenever somebody complains of a lost key they do say, "write an email to sales and they'll tell you what you need to do."  I'm assuming they just give them a copy of the lost key policy.

  • Thanks for all the comments!

    If my memory serves me right, I remember seeing info or even sound/video clips about the Taikos on VSL site. Now, I could not find any info about them. So I wonder what happened to them: a) whether they are still part of Synchron Percussion as extra "bonus", or b) part of a future product, e.g. Synchron Percussion II.

    As for myself, I already have Vienna Percussion. My workflow typically starts with Sibelius before moving on to DAW. So Sibelius soundset support is imporant. I understand there is already a soundset available for Synchron Percussion but it is designed around VI (Pro), not Synchron Player. Even when Synchron Player is out, I assume it will take Andi a bit of time to design the soundset to take advantages of Synchron Player features.

    Surely the current ongoing discount promo is attractive, but it will be another "future betting" for me (after having purchased the full library of Synchron Strings I).

    If someone who could share his/her experience on the benefits of Synchron Percussion over Vieena Percussion, I really appreaciate. (I tried to find reviews, but there aren't that many).

    Thanks again!!!

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    @mobileavatar said:

    If someone who could share his/her experience on the benefits of Synchron Percussion over Vieena Percussion, I really appreaciate.

    I have the Synchron Drums and Timpani. To me, the main reason for buying the new products were the sound and the sonic possibilities.

    To my ears, Synchron Percussion just sounds more real. It's crisp and clear and transparent, has power and dimension and just sounds like a very detailed, very true capturing of real acoustic instruments. It's simply an improvement in terms of sonics and realism.

    It's great to have different mic positions for a percussion library, because so much about percussive sound is also the space. Of course, the ability to adjust close and ambient signals to taste opens up many possibilities to shape the sound in the production.

    Another thing is that the detail of sampling is remarkable. Lots of carefully recorded dynamic layers here, which makes it possible to sequence very believable sounding performances - including and especially the very soft ones, which isn't the strong suit of many percussion libraries.

    So yeah, bottom line, it's percussion, as before. But it's simply a great improvement in terms of sonics and realism.

  • Jimmy is right. What I especially point out is the dynamic depth. It can be so loud! When you play the drums on your keyboard it feels comparable with the Vienna Imperial. The Imperial feels like a real Piano under your fingertips. The Synchron Percussions have the same feeling on the keyboard. The possibilities are many. But even if you only put the dry close position of a drum inside a MIR room it sounds so clear and loud and deep. I was sceptic too. That is why I first decided not to buy the extended version. The product convinced me. Compared with the Strings this package is better and feels more finished. The Strings leave room for so much you miss.

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    @Another User said:

    The product convinced me. Compared with the Strings this package is better and feels more finished. The Strings leave room for so much you miss.


    Thanks again for the great inputs. (triple thumbs up!!!) 


    Yes, I was first attracted by the sound but at the same time was surprised people don’t really talk about it much, unlike the Synchron Strings.  Maybe it’s like what LAJ, exactly because it feels more finished.

  • Finally, I understand why I was so confused all along.

    If Taiko is no longer part of Synchron Percussion I, then VSL should remove the photo "Giant Taiko Drum" in the following page:

    Otherwise, it causes more than just confusion.