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  • [SOLVED] Licenses Not Showing up in Latest version of E-Licenser Control Center


    I am in the process of transferring my entire VSL library and software into my new (2017) Macbook Pro 15inch, and after installing all the most up to date software on the VSL site, I noticed some of my software won't open because a license cannot be detected. So after comparing what my elicenser software looked like in my old computer to what it looked like in my new one, I see that all my licenses appear on the older one and only some of them on the new. The licenses missing that i notice so far are my Vienna Ensemble, MIR, Vienna Suite, Choir, Soloists. 

    My MacBook Pro is 2.9 GHz intel Core i7 16GB 2133 MHz

    I took pics of the elicener windows in both computers. The one showing two separate USB is what I see on the older computer, and the one with only USB is what I see on the new one where I'm transferring all my VSL library and software 

    Thank you


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    When I actually USE my brain I can be dangerous. 😉

    I had forgotten that i had put more vienna licenses on another key, too. A key that contained licenses from companies like IK etc. In my present mind, (having forgotten I'd done that) i thought all Vienna licenses would be on my 1 vienna key, which was the only key in my new computer.