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  • VEP setup with two network switches?


    I'm currently working out the logistics of my new setup, consisting of one VEP Master and two VEP Slaves. Due to the physical circumstances of my facility, I would need/prefer to keep my Master/Slaves in separate rooms. However the connectivity between the rooms is limited, in that there's only one usable cat6 cable coming out from the machine room (where I intend to keep my slaves, as well as a Seagate NAS). I can't really start drilling away at the walls to make room for more cables, for several reasons. 

    I know the general guideline is to have VEP running on a single dedicated network switch (as I have been up until this upgrade), but my question is:

    Would it be possible to have two network switches in the pathway between the 3 VEP machines? And still maintain the Internet Router connection with the NAS for example. It's definitely not optimal, but is it even possible? Or do I need any additional gadgets (gateway etc?). Or is it simply technically a no-go? 

    Any advice greatly appreciated! 


    Please check out this flowchart for a more clear image of what I'd need to accomplish:


  • Ok, didn't get any response on this, but for future reference for anyone else wondering. This setup works fine. I managed to borrow a second GS105 switch to try it out, and it was just plug 'n play. 

  • It has become sort of a lurking, and little responding, forum these days. I have posted things in the past and get 100+ people looking, but no replies. Sometimes it isnt case, but it is frustrating when it happens to you.

    I have actually moved to having multiple network cards in my machines. My Slaves are in another room too.

    I created a VEP only network that nothing else happens on. I have a second set of nics in all my machines for LAN stuff, RDP, internet, etc. I have noticed RDP sessions will interfer with performance. That is why I did that.

    I have been very happy with these NICs: They are like $20-25 on amazon.

    Intel Gigabit CT PCI-E Network Adapter EXPI9301CTBLK

  need at least CAT5e or CAT6 cables.

    I actually have 4 network cards in my Master DAW. One is connecting to SoundGrid network, one to my live rig in a different room, one for internet, and one dedicated to VEP only. Works really well. It is also easy to isoloate from the Internet and not impact anything in my studio.

    Good luck!