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  • CPU Usage Meter Readout?

    This seems odd, however, I just updated my Mid-2012 Quadcore Mac Pro's processor to a 12-core processor, and doubled the RAM from 32GB to 64GB. However, upon testing, the CPU usage meter in VEPro still reads out about the same. To test, I loaded an instance of Kontakt 5.7.3 (AU) into VEPro6, and loadaed up (2) String legato instruments with multiple mics truned on for each. I then sent a fast midi passage into Kontakt via Cubase, and the CPU usage meter in VEPro was spiking between 40-45% use. And that's with only two instruments loaded on a 12-core machine. THis was about the same readout I would have gotten with the quad-core processor installed. I've also tried many different buffer and Thread count settings for both VEPro & Kontakt (both on and off). yet the CPU meter in VEpro reads about the same usage every time no matter what the setting are. Is there something wrong with how the meter is working here?

  • In fact, noe that I'm looking at it, even with nothing at all loaded into VEPro, and nothing playing back, the CPU meter in VEPro keeps fluctuating between around 7 to over 20% usage.