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  • Spring Renews

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    Hi all,

    My latest piece is for violin and piano and is entitled Spring Renews. Of course, a few days ago when I was writing the piece, I looked out the window and saw snow falling. Winter won't unleash its grip on some of us 😊

    Mixed in the wonderful MirPro, (Schubert Hall) I hope you will enjoy!

    Spring Renews


  • Hi Dave,

    Nice piece. I enjoyed listening to it! Here (in the Netherlands) the spring has started with all new leaves, flowers, even on some places you can smell the spring. And this piece fits in perfectly. It has the joy of new life. My compliments for the wonderful sound of the violin. Does it give that extra satisfaction for you too, when the sound is really lifelike? For me it does very much. And I just can say, that it is very lifelike. Beautiful. (And I hope for you and your family, that spring starts very soon there too, so that you can enjoy it together!)

  • Thank you for your comments and kind wishes, MMKA! Yes, too, feel very rewarded by the virtual instruments available to us today and look towards even more progress in upcoming years. Hope all is well in the Netherlands. I'm hoping for a mild spring because I'm excited to take my baby girl out for her first "walks" 😃 Dave

  • Excellent Dave.

    What I liked about it was the story telling, I had no idea what was going on of course, but enjoyed the journey. Your rhetoric is beautifully flexible and well suited to creating impressions and the lyrical fluidity is very engaging.

  • Lovely piece. You did a marvelous job of using the piano and violin as equal partners in the piece, not just violin with a piano accompaniment.. The harmonies are delicious. Somewhat impressionistic, but you do not let yourself get trapped into simply impersonating that style. I am very impressed.

  • Hi Dave,

    really enjoyed your piece. I am sure you had the joy of watching your baby while composing this, since it has lots of playfulness.

    Writing chamber pieces is not easy, especially making it non-repetitive and coherent, and you have done a very nice job.

    Only thing I wish for here is a live performance of this piece (by good perfomers). Not to say that the overall rendition was not decent, but  I felt the violin sound at times a bit shrill, and made me miss the sweeter sound of a natural violin. I've often had the same issue with the solo violin and never figured out how to get a better sound.

    Anyways, congrats on the nice composition!


  • Thank you, Mike, Paul, and Anand! Your comments are as vivid and eloquent as the music you write. I'd like to be able to quote some of those kind words in write ups for the piece when I present it to various ensembles! All the best, Dave

  • Hi Dave,

    I'm a little late to listen to your new piece, but I've been rather busy looking after my grandson (Easter holidays in Belgium...) and he leaves me no spare time to making or listening to music. It's spring here as well in all its beauty. Rahther late this year, but the advantage is that everything seems to be in a hurry to show the utmost beauty all at once.

    To complete that joyful feeling, you came up with this marvellous composition. Indeed you've set down a very nice piano with fantastic harmonies and a rich moving left hand, without overdoing anything. It flows in a kind, delightful way and reveals slowly the opening blossoms and the early deep greenery of the renewed nature in carefully chosen and rich chords, in duet with the lovely solo violin.

    We all know how difficult the violin (and all solo strings) are to tame, but you did a skillful job here and showed your mastery again. I agree with Paul that you've succeeded in creating a successful dialogue between piano and violin as equal concersation partners with each their own stories, agreeing in perfect harmony. What a wonderful thought to open spring with.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it immensely.


  • Hi Jos, As always, thank you for listening and for your ever-poetic comments! I hope you're enjoying the time with your grandson and that once you return to your music, it will be infused with the essence of youth and vitality! Cheers, Dave

  • Dave that is a great piece.  Really fine rendition of the music also.  I am enjoying a lot these pieces here like yours and Paul McGraw that are reflecting on nature because it is the greatest inspiration for a composer.

  • Thanks, William! Nature, in all its beauty, is definitely inspiring. A few years ago, I wrote an orchestral suite called Forces of Nature. Just waiting for The Synchron player and I'll finally tackle that massive project. Dave

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