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  • Please create a logic template (add articulation function)


    Since the Logic v10.4 update, articulation has been added.


    However, the vep logic template in the vsl homepage archive

    I can not use the articulation feature.


    There is no problem in using it as a simple 16ch multi with the instrument track

    Problems arise when creating large templates using external MIDI tracks.


    I do not know how.

    Is there any way to select articulation from an external MIDI track?

    Is this a bug?


    Create a new template for your logic

    I would like to ask the people of VSL.


    Please create a logic template (add articulation function)


  • Hi orangeboy,

    We are still looking into the actual usefulness and feasibility of supporting the Articulation Maps of Logic. Unfortunately, the Logic articulations cannot always be easily translated into VSL articulations 1:1...

    Best, Marnix

  • Hi Marnix

    Maybe the solution will be to ask to Apple to be able to define our own articulation with there représentative image in the score. Like you can do with Dorico.

    Are you also working on Dorico's Expression Maps ?




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  • Sorry, but VSL is a bull****! I payed over 1500€ for nothing and never used really, because i don´t know that the keyswitching are so awkward…

    Now i make music with a other sample libary that works with articulations set or works like a live instrument.