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  • Needing Assistance Setting up a Play-based library Orchestral Template in Logic X

    Hello VSL community,

    I'm new to Vienna Ensemble Pro 6, and I'm having some trouble setting up Eastwest Play-based libraries in my orchestral template in Logic X. After reading though the manual a couple of times, and watching several youtube tutorials, I'm still stuck trying to set up a VE instance within the multi-timbral instrument in Logic, i.e. channel 1 of the multi-instrument plays audio, but channel 2 and thereafter do not.

    Does anyone have experience setting up a multi-timbral instrument using Play libraries in Logic X? Any kind of step-by-step screenshots or instructive walkthroughs would be much appreciated!

    Sincerest thanks!

  • Hello Brooks,

    Sorry that I'm reading this months after your question. Make sure that the VEP bus where you are choosing PLAY (or Kontakt or similar) as Input, has the MIDI Port set to "1" and the MIDI Channel set to "ALL".

    Good luck!