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  • Disable channels individually by pedal switch?

    I'd like to use the automation in VEP to allow per-track (in Cubase) Disable via a Pedal Switch. I am new to Cubase Pro, Remote control, VEP, and much else:)

    I'm using a Roland RD-500 piano/MIDI controller with 1 slider control, a Modulation wheel that doesn't work, Transmit function buttons that I don't understand and thus avoid, and 3 pedals connected to it:

    a Yamaha pedal switch, the original Roland sustain pedal, and a Roland EV-5 expression pedal.

    The piano is connected to Cubase via a single port of an (otherwise empty) 8x8 MIDIFACE, which I am told has 8 channels per port, but I don't know how to assign a channel to each pedal or controller on the piano, so I guess the RD-500 is outputting everything on Channel 1?

    I've been exploring the Cubase Generic remote setup, and both the EV-5 and the pedal switch are automatically assigned the "address" 7, with different channel numbers.

    I achieved on/off Disable for individual VEP  channels with automation of CC127, but not pedal control of it (for enabling and auditioning instruments).

    I tried Track Quick controls and managed to link the track to the VEP Instance Parameter, but had no control except my mousing  the Parameter button.

    I tried VST Quick controls but don't recall the details at present.

    At some point I have been able to assign Button/ Toggle mode to the pedal, as I believe that's what's needed? I did see it working as that, but only on the Instance quick Control button, not the track or VEP channel.

    Can anyone help?